Get with the Program
A Review of Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer

The Elephant in the Room: Challenging science dogma
As with evolution, the 'consensus' on climate change has become an ideology.
Philadelphia Inquirer

Debate on Origins of Life: Meyer, Sternberg vs. Shermer Prothero
Streaming audio of the debate now available
Discovery Institute

Evolution is Not the Problem. Darwinism is the Problem.
To The Source

Intelligent Design Author Receives World Magazine’s Man of the Year Honor
Discovery Institute

Set My People Free
To The Source

Discovery Institute Sues California Science Center for Suppressing Public Documents Showing Viewpoint Discrimination Against Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute

Intelligent Design Should Not Be Excluded From the Study of Origins
The Guardian

Scientocracy Rules
Creating Consensus Is the PC Way to Get Smart
Salvo Magazine

2009 Books of the Year
London Times Literary Supplement

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species
Human Events

Intelligent design Book Delivers Blow To Darwin; Cracks Bestseller List in Science
Signature in the Cell makes 2009 list of top ten best selling science books
Discovery Institute

Darwin's Defenders Deny Life's Evident Design
The Church Report

Dawkins Refuses to Debate Intelligent Design Scholars
Christian Post Reporter

Preparing Students to Intelligently Question Darwin This Fall
The Church Report

Darwin's Dilemma Los Angeles Premiere Will Mark 150th Anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species with Focus on Controversy over Evolution and Intelligent Design
American Freedom Alliance

A landmark book about intelligent design has hit the bookstore shelves
Signature in the Cell

Book Review: The Signature in the Cell
The Constructive Curmudgeon

Berlinski's The Devil's Delusion Back in Print
An Agnostic Delivers the Definitive Response to the New Atheists
Discovery Institute

Deepening Darwin's Dilemma
Discovery Institute

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