Darwin Would Love This Debate
Seattle Times

Is Science Democratic?

Biologist Ken Miller Flunks Political Science on Santorum
Press Release

Teach the Controversy
Cincinnati Enquirer

Fifty-two Ohio Scientists Call for Academic Freedom on Darwin's Theory
Press Release

Deny, Deny, Deny

Natural selection found in report on science education
The Washington Times

Scopes trial symbolism holds today
The Daily Oklahoman

Scopes in reverse
Washington Times

Creationism v. Evolution: Will Religion or Science Prevail?
Justice Talking

Darwin's Hostages:
A decision in Kansas to question evolution dogma has given rise to hysteria and intolerance
American Spectator

All forms of science designed for discussion
Topeka Capital-Journal

The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Ridiculing Kansas school board easy, but itÂ’s not good journalism
The Daily Republic (Mitchell, SD)

The Church of Darwin
The Wall Street Journal

Teach Evolution
And Ask Hard Questions
The New York Times

Design & the Discriminating Public:
Gaining a Hearing from Ordinary People

Is intelligent design a dumb idea?
Current conflicts in biology
Discovery Institute

The Designed "Just So" Universe
Leadership U

Let Schools Provide Full Disclosure
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA)

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