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Liverpool Care Pathway: The Road to Backdoor Euthanasia
Human Life Review

See Little Evil Media Bias
First Things

Bioethicist Rejects So-Called Reforms To Futile Care Laws
Texas Right to Life

Defining Torture Down
Weekly Standard

Birth control pretext for destroying religious liberty
Legatus Magazine

Portman D'oh
First Things

Backed Into a Corner
To the Source

Everyday Saints and Other Stories
First Things

Euthanasia's Euphemisms
First Things

Not a Real Olive Branch
Weekly Standard

The Push to Normalize Polyamory Begins
National Review Online

Happy-Face Statism
First Things

Environmentalism's Deep Misanthropy
First Things

2013 Will Be a Contentious Year in Bioethics
Center for Bioethics and Culture

The Coming Public Conflict Over Human Cloning
First Things

On Human Exceptionalism
We Are Unique Beings That Warrant Special Moral Value
Psychology Today

I Am Cassandra
To the Source

Old and Worn Out? Why Not Suicide

No Religious Cleansing of Bioethics
American Journal of Bioethics

Mark O'Brien's Triumph (It Wasn't About Sex)
First Things

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