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Intelligent Design?
A Special Report from Natural History Magazine
By: Michael Behe, Kenneth Miller, William Dembski, Robert Pennock, Jonathan Wells, Eugenie Scott
Natural History Magazine
April 1, 2002

Second Thoughts about Peppered Moths:
This classical story of evolution by natural selection needs revising
By: Jonathan Wells
Expanded from The Scientist 13, no. 11 (May 24, 1999)
February 9, 2001

Survival of the Fakest
By: Jonathan Wells
American Spectator
January 1, 2001

Self-Organization and Irreducibly Complex Systems:
A Reply to Shanks and Joplin
By: Michael J. Behe
Philosophy of Science 67 (March 2000), University of Chicago Press
August 31, 2000

Alien Intelligences?:
Think Again
By: Guillermo Gonzalez
February 29, 2000

Detecting Design?:
A First Response to Elliott Sober
By: William A. Dembski
Metaviews 167
December 29, 1999

Why Evolutionary Algorithms Cannot Generate Specified Complexity
By: William A. Dembski
November 1, 1999

Darwinism and Design
By: Jay W. Richards
The Washington Post
August 21, 1999

God ... Sort Of
Review of The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life by Paul Davies (Simon & Schuster)
By: Michael J. Behe
First Things 94
June 1, 1999

Haeckel's Embryos
Setting the Record Straight
By: Jonathan Wells
The American Biology Teacher
May 1, 1999

Post-Agnostic Science:
How Physics is Reviving the Argument from Design
By: Robert C. Koons
Robert C. Koons
November 5, 1998

Science and Design
By: William A. Dembski
First Things
October 1, 1998

Molecular Machines:
Experimental Support for the Design Inference
By: Michael J. Behe
Cosmic Pursuit
March 1, 1998

The Soul of Man Under Physics
By: David Berlinski
January 1, 1996

By: asdf
January 1, 1990

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