William Dembski Testimony for Textbook Hearing, Austin, Texas, September 10, 2003
Texas State Board of Education

Darwinism Critics Have Viable View
San Angelo Standard Times

Institute Supports Accurate Science
San Angelo Standard-Times

A Preliminary Analysis of the Treatment of Evolution in Biology Textbooks
Discovery Institute

So goes Texas, so goes the nation
Decision on textbooks will affect classrooms nationwide
Discovery Institute

Darwin in the Classroom:
Ohio Allows Alternative
National Review Online

Why the Santorum Language Should Guide State Science Education Standards
Discovery Institute

Teach the Controversy
Cincinnati Enquirer

Let's change science standards and let students do real science
Philadelphia Inquirer

"E" is for evolution; "F" is for Fordham
The Kansas City Star

Darwin's Hostages:
A decision in Kansas to question evolution dogma has given rise to hysteria and intolerance
American Spectator

All forms of science designed for discussion
Topeka Capital-Journal

The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Ridiculing Kansas school board easy, but itÂ’s not good journalism
The Daily Republic (Mitchell, SD)

Darwinism and Design
The Washington Post

The Church of Darwin
The Wall Street Journal

Teach Evolution
And Ask Hard Questions
The New York Times

Let Schools Provide Full Disclosure
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA)

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