Incorporate Controversy into the Curriculum
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Darwinists Eager to Avoid Debate
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Face-Off: Should both sides of the Debate on Evolution be Included in Textbooks?
Spring Hill Review (Southwest Washington State)

Standards should treat evolution honestly

The Educational Debate Over Darwinism
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

ELIMINATING ERRORS: Evolution becomes topic of concern for voters
Texas Tech University Daily

In textbook battle over evolution, 'errors' debated, corrected
Baptist Press

Board gives final approval to biology books
Associated Press/Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

The Evolution of Textbooks: Students shouldn't be protected from dissent
Dallas Morning News

Woman's Feeding Tube Is Ordered Reinstated
Washington Post

Providence Lost - and Found?
National Review

How Should Schools Teach Evolution?
Don't Forget Weaknesses in Theory
Dallas Morning News

Textbook Debate
It's All About the Evidence
Houston Chronicle

Institute Supports Accurate Science
San Angelo Standard-Times

Intelligent Design, Freedom, & Education

Darwin in the Classroom:
Ohio Allows Alternative
National Review Online

Evolution Coverage Missed Real Story:
Won't Old Stereotypes Ever Die?

The Peppered Myth:
"Of Moths and Men" An evolutionary tale
Books & Culture

Cobb County (Georgia) School Board Promotes Academic Freedom, Not Religion
Press Release

Research News & Opportunities

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