On Darwin’s Birthday Big Fossil Find Deepens His Dilemma, says New York Times Bestselling Author of Darwin’s Doubt
Discovery Institute

5 Christian Arguments Left Out of the Ken Ham, Bill Nye Debate
Christian Post

Separating The "Haves" From The "Have Yachts" On Wall Street

Editorial: Snohomish County’s astute purchase of rail corridor
Snohomish County’s purchase of an 11-mile section of rail corridor from the Port of Seattle is on track to provide recreational and freight options.
Seattle Times

The Book That Predicted Obamacare's Failure -- And America's Rebirth

L.A. Museum of Natural History caves to pressure, removes reference to God
Discovery Institute

Progressive group claims chimpanzees are like African Americans in bizarre lawsuit
Daily Caller

Knowledge and Power (and Surprise)
The Cato Institute

Obama & Shade of Government Shutdown
Discovery News

Buy 1, Get 3 Free!
Watchdog. Org

Knowing All the Way
American Spectator

The Big, Positive Change Coming In Economics
Forbes Magazine

Neuroscience gets passionate about emotional animals

Report: Altering law benefits state
Landline directive at issue for AT&T
The Advocate

The War on Humans
Creative Minority Report

UC Irvine students decry evolution-only science, sponsor intelligent design talk
The College Fix

For Your Information
Let us now praise George Gilder.
The American Spectator

Human Exceptionalism in the Grocery Cart
Daily Caller

Why George Gilder is Right about the Role Entrepreneurs Play in Driving the Economy

Darwinism and Materialism: They Sink or Swim Together
American Spectator

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