This Should Be Trump's Top Trade Priority
National Review Online

A Right to Assisted Suicide for the Institutionalized Mentally Ill
First Things

The Exorcist Takes Christianity Seriously
First Things

Conscripting Doctors
Do Harm--Or Else
Weekly Standard

Euthanizing Children
First Things

Animal Rights Would Ban Pets
First Things

Two Party Platforms: Only One Shot at Turning Around the Economy
The Stream

"Death Control" and the Bioethics Peril
First Things

Three Emerging Fields That Threaten Human Equality
Intercollegiate Review

Canada Swallows the Hemlock
Human Life Review

The 5,000-Year Government Debt Bubble
Discovery Institute

The Dangers of Abandoning the Terminally Ill in Suicide Prevention
First Things

Lifting the Ban on Human/Animal Embryos Could Undermine Human Exceptionalism
To The Source

Defeating Terrorism Overseas and Civilization Jihad at Home
The American Thinker

Federal Marijuana Policy Undermines Rule of Law
First Things

Brave New World Should Be An Election Issue
First Things

Religious and Pro-Life Conscience Unwelcome in Healthcare
First Things

Goodbye, EU-imposed regulation.
National Review

Political Correctness puts Americans in Grave Danger
American Thinker

Pondering Harambe
Weekly Standard

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