The Privileged Planet Book and Website Released
Discovery Institute

Darwin, Design, and Public Education -- New Book Examines the Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design and Advocates Teaching Both Darwinism and Design to Improve Science Education
Discovery Institute

The Design Revolution - Chapter 33: Design by Elimination or Design by Comparison
InterVarsity Press

Design in the Details:
The Origin of Biomolecular Machines
Darwinism, Design and Public Education

Homology in Biology:
Problem for Naturalistic Science and Prospect for Intelligent Design
Darwinism, Design, and Public Education

The Cambrian Explosion:
Biology's Big Bang
Darwinism, Design and Public Education

Reinstating Design within Science
Darwinism, Design, and Public Education

Darwinism Versus Intelligent Design

ISCID Chat With Paul Nelson:
Ontogenetic Depth as a Complexity Metric for the Cambrian Explosion

The Third Mode of Explanation:
Detecting Evidence of Intelligent Design in the Sciences
Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe (Ignatius Press)

Survival of the Fakest
American Spectator

Self-Organization and Irreducibly Complex Systems:
A Reply to Shanks and Joplin
Philosophy of Science 67 (March 2000), University of Chicago Press

Science and Design
First Things

Molecular Machines:
Experimental Support for the Design Inference
Cosmic Pursuit

Was There a Big Bang?

New book by Discovery Institute Fellow shows influence of Darwinian principles on Hitler's Nazi regime
Discovery Institute

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