Darwinists Eager to Avoid Debate
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia Schools Should Teach More About Evolution Not Less
Discovery Institute

Bibliography of Supplementary Resources For Science Instruction
Discovery Institute

Standards should treat evolution honestly

ELIMINATING ERRORS: Evolution becomes topic of concern for voters
Texas Tech University Daily

In textbook battle over evolution, 'errors' debated, corrected
Baptist Press

Board gives final approval to biology books
Associated Press/Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Textbook Reformers See Last-Minute Victory in Texas Decision
Discovery Institute

The Evolution of Textbooks: Students shouldn't be protected from dissent
Dallas Morning News

Texas to Decide Whether to Clean Up Biology Texts
Discovery Institute

Q & A about current Texas state review of biology textbooks
Discovery Institute

Open letter from Texas scientists and teachers is meaningless
Discovery Institute

Final Review of Biology Textbooks up for Adoption in Texas
Discovery Staff

Intelligent Design and Peer Review
A Response to Eugenie Scott and the NCSE
Discovery Institute

Backgrounder and summary of publisherÂ’s proposed revision to biology textbooks
Discovery Institute

Publishers correct some factual errors, but now textbooks contradict each other
Discovery Institute

How Should Schools Teach Evolution?
Don't Forget Weaknesses in Theory
Dallas Morning News

Textbook Debate
It's All About the Evidence
Houston Chronicle

Testimony by J. Budziszewski to Texas SBOE
Discovery Institute

Statement regarding the Texas State Board of Education hearings on biology textbooks by Dr. Jonathan Wells
Texas State Board of Education

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