Downgrading of Ohio Science Standards Just a Rumor, Optional Lesson Plan Critical of Evolution Not An Issue
Discovery Institute

Dover In Review
A review of Judge Jones' decision in the Dover intelligent design trial
Discovery Institute

The Dover Intelligent Design Decision, Part III: Compatibility
Albert Alschuler

The Dover Intelligent Design Decision, Part II: Of Science and Religion
Albert Alschuler

The Dover Intelligent Design Decision, Part I: Of Motive, Effect, and History
Albert Alschuler

All Sides of the Issue Belong in Classroom
Philadelphia Inquirer

Does God Have a Place in Class?:
Intelligent Design Ignites Great Debate
Calgary Herald

How Should Schools Handle Evolution? Debate it
USA Today

No, Your Honor:
Evolutionists Shouldn't Attack Scientists
Knoxville News Sentinel

Articles Advocating Teaching the Controversy
Discovery Institute

Darwin Himself Argued for Critical Evaluation
The Commercial Appeal

Teach The Controversy
The Baltimore Sun

AP Cites Discovery Institute's Opposition to Dover School Board Policy
Associated Press

Evolution's 'Dictatorship' -- Student Struggles to Get Opposite Viewpoint Heard
AFA Journal

NPR accused of 'censorship'

Government-Sponsored Theology
American Spectator

Evolving Double Standards
Establishing a state-funded church of Darwin
National Review Online

Doubts Over Evolution Mount With Over 300 Scientists Expressing Skepticism With Central Tenet of Darwin's Theory
Discovery Institute

Teaching about Scientific Dissent from Neo-Darwinism
Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Don't Let Dogma Censor Teaching
Cincinnati Enquirer

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