Stimulate Broadband and Lower Utility Bills With Regulatory Reform
Study Highlights Needed Telecom Regulatory Reforms in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee
Discovery Institute

More Broadband, Increased Choice and Lower Prices Begin With Regulatory Reform
Study Highlights Needed Telecom Regulatory Reforms in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin
Discovery Institute

Study Cites Need for Regulatory Reform to Promote Broadband, Consumer Choice and Lower Prices for Telecommunications Services
Discovery Institute

Federal Regulators Should Reform Regulation of Phone Services in Denver, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Phoenix and Seattle
Discovery Institute

The State of the Global Telecosm
The most notorious promoter of the 1990s telecom boom has been proved right
MIT Technology Review

Let Network Providers Manage Their Networks
Discovery Institute

Dial '08 for terrorism
The Washington Times

700 MHz Auction: FCC Mandates Test of Wireless Net Neutrality
Info Tech & Telecom News (Heartland Institute)

Net Neutrality: A Radical Form of Non-Discrimination
Discovery Institute

Deregulate Special Access Rates
Discovery Institute

Dial-a-porn goes country
Guess who pays for it?
DC Examiner

FCC Inquiry Shows Broadband Regulation Unnecessary
Discovery Institute

How To Reform Cable Franchising
Discovery Institute

Deregulate Cable Navigation Devices
Technology Liberation Front

The Coming Exaflood
The Wall Street Journal

FCC a Special-Interest Playground When Reviewing Mergers
Technology & Democracy Project

Coalition Opposes "Network Neutrality"
Discovery Institute

Telco Innovation
Nothing For Net Neutrality Regulation To Chill?

Tunney Act Review
New weapon in disgruntled competitors' arsenal

Hands Off the Net
Congress wisely resists the urge to regulate cyberspace
City Journal

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