Justice for Jahi
First Things

How the Media Promote (Some) Suicides
First Things

AI Should Never Have "Rights"
National Review Online

The Young and the Vulnerable
Weekly Standard

Let's Use Pigs as Organ "Donors"
First Things

Stop Assisted-Suicide Opioid Abuse
First Things

Putting Infants "Down Like Dogs"
First Things

Charlie Gard and the Age of "Do Harm" Medicine
National Catholic Register

Making American intellectual property great again
A strong U.S. patent regime levels the playing field and helps market entrants
The Washington Times

July 4th's hidden history is darker than you'd expect
Arizona Republic

Whose Baby Is Charlie Gard, Anyway?
First Things

The Little Known Story of the Declaration of Independence
The American Thinker

Discovery Institute's Science Education Policy
Discovery Institute

What's Love Got To Do With Transhumanism?
First Things

Three Culture of Death Tipping Points
First Things

No, the Early Church Was Not Communist
The Stream

Time for a "Populist" Bioethics Commission
First Things

Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine!
First Things

Terrible Injustice of Female Genital Mutilation Must be Contronted
CNS News

The Real "Anti-Science"
First Things

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