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Phillip E. Johnson Replies to Nancey Murphy's Review of Darwin on Trial
Excerpt from Reason in the Balance
By: Phillip E. Johnson
Intervarsity Press (IVP)
January 1, 2011

Darwin’s Sacred Cause Offers Little New and Nothing of Importance
By: Michael A. Flannery
Discovery Institute
April 8, 2010

A Scientific History and Philosophical Defense of the Theory of Intelligent Design
By: Stephen C. Meyer
Religion - Staat - Gesellschaft, vol. 7,
October 7, 2008

The Dehumanizing Impact of Modern Thought: Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Their Followers
By: Richard Weikart
Discovery Institute
July 18, 2008

Intelligent Design in Biology: the Current Situation and Future Prospects
By: Phillip E. Johnson
Think (The Royal Institute of Philosophy)
February 19, 2007

The Scientific Status of Intelligent Design:
The Methodological Equivalence of Naturalistic and Non-Naturalistic Origins Theories1
By: Stephen C. Meyer
Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe (Ignatius Press)
November 13, 2005

Uncommon Dissent — New anthology highlights intellectuals' skepticism of Darwinian evolution
By: Staff
Discovery Institute
August 19, 2004

The Evolution Debate:
Myth, Science, Culture, Education
By: Mark Ryland
Catholic Exchange
August 21, 2003

Becoming a Disciplined Science:
Prospects, Pitfalls, and Reality Check for ID
By: William A. Dembski
International Society for Complexity, Information & Design
October 28, 2002

The Peppered Myth:
"Of Moths and Men" An evolutionary tale
By: Jonathan Wells
Books & Culture
September 30, 2002

By: Jonathan Wells
Research News & Opportunities
July 1, 2002

Skepticism’s Prospects for Unseating Intelligent Design
By: William A. Dembski
June 21, 2002

Stephen Jay Gould, 1942-2002:
In Memoriam
By: David Berlinski
Discovery Institute
May 29, 2002

Does Evolution Even Have A Mechanism?
Address to the American Museum of Natural History
By: William A. Dembski
American Museum of Natural History
April 23, 2002

Lucky Jim
By: David Berlinski
The Weekly Standard
March 18, 2002

Facts to the Wind:
Reviewing "Monkey Trial," a PBS Documentary
By: Benjamin Wiker
National Review Online
February 16, 2002

Word Games:
DNA, Design, and Intelligence
By: Stephen C. Meyer
Signs of Intelligence (Brazos Press)
December 1, 2001

ID as a Theory of Technological Evolution
By: William A. Dembski
August 10, 2001

The Meanings of Evolution
By: Stephen C. Meyer and Michael Newton Keas
Discovery Institute
May 16, 2001

What Brings a World into Being?
By: David Berlinski
March 31, 2001

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