Darwin’s Poisoned Tree: Atheistic Advocacy and the Constitutionality of Teaching Evolution in Public Schools
Trinity Law Review

FAQ On American Freedom Alliance v. California Science Center Lawsuit
Discovery Institute

The Constitutionality and Pedagogical Benefits of Teaching Evolution Scientifically
University of St. Thomas Journal of Law & Public Policy

Does Challenging Darwin Create Constitutional Jeopardy? A Comprehensive Survey of Case Law Regarding the Teaching of Biological Origins
Hamline University Law Review

Intelligent Design Will Survive Kitzmiller v. Dover
Montana Law Review, vol. 68, no. 1

Teaching About Evolution in the Public Schools: A Short Summary of the Law
Discovery Institute

New England Journal of Medicine Traipses Into the Kitzmiller Decision
Evolution News & Views

Testimony of Ralph W. Seelke, Ph.D., before the Education Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives
Michigan House of Representatives

Do Car Engines Run on Lugnuts? A Response to Ken Miller & Judge Jones's Straw Tests of Irreducible Complexity for the Bacterial Flagellum
Evolution News & Views

How to Teach the Controversy Legally
Discovery Institute

Key Law Review Articles About Teaching Darwin, Design and the Origins Controversy
Various Law Reviews

Standards should treat evolution honestly

Science and Religion Twenty Years After Mclean V. Arkansas:
Evolution, Public Education, and the New Challenge of Intelligent Design
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy

Public Education, Religious Establishment, and the Challenge of Intelligent Design
Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy

Darwin in the Classroom:
Ohio Allows Alternative
National Review Online

Statement on Science Education and the Teaching of Origins
Discovery Institute

Teaching the Origins Controversy:
Science, Or Religion, Or Speech?
Utah Law Review 39

Teaching the Controversy:
Darwinism, Design and the Public School Science Curriculum
The Foundation for Thought and Ethics

Teaching the Origins Controversy:
A Guide for the Perplexed
Special Discovery Institute Report

Testimony to the United States Commission on Civil Rights:
Concerning the Teaching Of Biological Origins
Religious Liberties News

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