Letter to Ball State University Board of Trustees about Prof. Eric Hedin
Discovery Institute

Letter to Ball State University President about Prof. Eric Hedin
Discovery Institute

Promoting critical thinking in classroom
The Oklahoman

Most Americans Support Santorum Amendment’s Approach to Teaching Evolution
Media Backgrounder on Rick Santorum and Intelligent Design Now Available
Discovery Institute

Rick Santorum, the Santorum Amendment and Intelligent Design
Discovery Institute

An Evaluation of Supplementary Biology and Evolution Curricular Materials Submitted for Adoption by the Texas State Board of Education
Discovery Institute

Students Challenged to Study Evolution, Think for Themselves
Christian Post

Texas Improves on Strengths and Weaknesses Language in Science Standards on Teaching Evolution
Texas Now Leads Nation in Requiring Critical Analysis of Evolution
Discovery Institute

Is There Merit for ID in Cosmology, Physics, and Astronomy?
Opposing Views

Standard Makes Darwin Unassailable
Polk County Ledger

The Theory of Intelligent Design: A briefing packet for educators
Discovery Institute

Who Is Politicizing Science, Senator Clinton?
Human Events

Explore Evolution Textbook and Website
Discovery Institutte

What do Modern Textbooks Really Say about Haeckel's Embryos?
Discovery Institute

"Traipsing Into Evolution": Legal Experts Analyze the Impact of the Dover Intelligent Design Trial in New Book
Discovery Institute

ACLU Demands and Dover Designs
The American Enterprise Online

Think Tank Fuels Debate on Evolution
The Post and Courier

Interview with George Gilder Transcript

Darwinists Bully Ohio School Board into Censoring Teaching of Evolution
Discovery Institute

Signs of Intelligence
An originator of ID makes a case for weighing the theory about how we got here on its scientific merits
Dallas Morning News

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