Self-Sacrificial Love in the Bioethics-Sphere
First Things

Berniecare's Medicaid for All
Weekly Standard

An AI Thanksgiving Proclamation
First Things

Environmentalism's Worsening Anti-Human Infection
National Review Online

Attacking the Ties that Bind
First Things

Column: Reformation’s lessons for today
The Detroit News

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and What It Means Today
American Thinker

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation and what it means today
The Orange County Register

Celebrate the Reformation by celebrating the First Amendment
The Dallas Morning News

Discovery Institute fellow: The Protestant Reformation, 500 years on
News OK

A Right to the Baby WE WANT
First Things

Media Ownership Reform Long Overdue
Discovery Institute

Death Panels May Be Only Part of Obamacare to Die
Weekly Standard

Being Alive is the First Requirement for Moral Value
First Things

Columbus Day: A celebration of character
Sun Sentinel

COMMENTARY: Columbus Day is celebration of character
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Column: Columbus Day celebrates character
The Detroit News

Scott S, Powell: Our Orwellian present and its spiral of silence
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Columbus Day is an opportunity to celebrate the virtues of the explorer
Dallas News

Euthanasia for Alzheimer's Patients?
First Things

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