Times Change, But The Ideas In Declaration Of Independence Endure
Investors Business Daily

Relatively Higher Regulatory Risk If Comcast Acquires 21st Century Fox?
Discovery Institute

Rise of the Robots: A Bad Argument for a Bigger Welfare State
An Old Argument is New Again
National Review

Will Robots Really Create an Employment "Death Spiral"?

Fed Up in Seattle
Citizens of the ultra-progressive city have lost patience with political leaders’ failure to address the homelessness crisis.
City Journal

Failed Government Attempt to Block AT&T/Time Warner Merger Was Bizarre
Discovery Institute

Euthanasia is Almost a Declaration of 'No Confidence' in Medicine
Q and A Interview

Make the Seattle City Council Great Again
This city used to build dams, now it just taxes

The Wages of Death
National Review

The Deeper Meaning of Memorial Day
The Washington Times

The Big Picture Behind Memorial Day
The Birmingham News

From Darwinism to Dataism: Will We Lose Our Representative Democracy to Techno-Religion?
CNS News

Broadband Consumers Deserve Certainty, Not Partisan Politics
Bipartisan Compromise Is Needed to Preserve Net Neutrality And Incentivize Investment in Broadband Infrastructure
Discovery Institute

Transhumanism: A Wail of Despair in the Night
National Review

Donald Trump has had one of the most successful starts of any new president in history
The Des Moines Register

For President Trump Better To Focus On Results Than On Appearance
Investor's Business Daily

Weird Science: PETA is no Friend of STEM
Weekly Standard

The Day that Transformed the World Forever
The American Thinker

A Day that Forever Transformed the World
The Colorado Springs Gazette

The "Medical Conscience" Civil Rights Movement
First Things

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