TAKE ACTION: Urge United Methodist Officials to Overturn Ban on Discovery Institute at General Conference

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In May 2016, the United Methodist Church (UMC) will hold its General Conference for Methodist leaders in Portland, OR. As part of this event, outside groups have been invited to sponsor exhibits in the exhibit hall. Discovery Institute applied to sponsor a table that would feature information and resources about science and faith issues and intelligent design. Disregarding their own stated slogan of “Open Hearts/Open Minds/Open Doors,” UMC officials banned Discovery Institute from sponsoring a table. Find out more information.

Immediate Action Requested

TAKE ACTIONPlease contact the United Methodist officials below ASAP and urge them to live up to the UMC’s slogan of “Open Hearts/Open Minds/Open Doors” and to be truly open-minded by allowing Discovery Institute to sponsor an information table at the UMC General Conference in May. Be respectful, but let your voice be heard!

Who to Contact

Below is a list of officials to contact asking them to overturn the ban on Discovery Institute from having an information table at the UMC General Conference. You can send an email to all of the officials at once by using this link:

Mail to all officials (or copy and paste: JudiKenaston@aol.com, bishop@inumc.org, bishop@calnevumc.org, bishop@dkmnareaumc.org, avaldez_barker@umc.org).

You can also send emails to these people individually:

Ms. Judi Kenaston, Chair, UMC Commission on the General Conference

Bishop Michael Coyner, President, UMC General Council on Finance and Administration

Bishop Warner H. Brown, President, UMC Council of Bishops

Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Chair, UMC Connectional Table

The Rev. Amy Valdez Barker, Executive Secretary, UMC Connectional Table