Einstein vs. Darwin: Only One Can Be Right

Darwin Day Event with Renowned Tulane University Physicist Frank Tipler
Past Event February 11, 2013
We are sorry, due to an overwhelming response we have reached capacity for this event and cannot accept further RSVPs.

We will be taping the event and will make portions of it available through our ID the Future Podcast.

Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin are often viewed as two of history’s most important scientists. Einstein is known for his theory of relativity and the development of the famous equation E=mc2, Darwin for his study of organisms on the Galápagos islands and elsewhere which led to his theory of evolution. Although the works of these revolutionary scientists lie in seemingly unconnected realms, renowned Tulane University physicist Frank Tipler claims that both of their theories cannot both be true - and Einstein isn't the one who was wrong. Is there a fundamental discontinuity between Darwinian evolution and Einstein’s understanding of physics? Is Darwinian theory actually flawed?

Join the Center for Science & Culture for the 2013 Darwin Day event Einstein vs. Darwin: Only One Can Be Right, where mathematical physicist and cosmologist Frank Tipler will discuss how the ideas of Einstein and Darwin are incompatible. Frank Tipler is a professor of Mathematics and Physics at Tulane University, has his Ph.D. from the university of Maryland, and is the author of The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, The Physics of Immortality, The Physics of Christianity , and more. Tipler is known for work developing and promoting the final anthropic principle, which holds that "intelligent information-processing must come into existence in the Universe, and, once it comes into existence, will never die out."

The event will be held at Discovery Institute, located at 208 Columbia Street in downtown Seattle. Doors will open at 4:15. A selection of regional wines and cheeses will precede the event (suggested donation $10).

Discovery Institute Offices
208 Columbia St.
Seattle, WA 98104
Monday, February 11
For questions, or to register by phone, call Donna Scott at (206) 292-0401 ext. 128