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Nuclear (In)Stability
The U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, Room HVC-200 at 12:30 PM
December 4, 2012

Does proliferation create instability or stability? Does an Iranian nuclear weapon challenge the legitimacy of the Non Proliferation Treaty? Is the Zero Option realistic?

Join the Harbour League and the London Center for Policy Research as we ask our expert panel to dissect these questions and offer their thoughts on this topic of utmost importance. The panel will include Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-2), member of the House Armed Services Committee and House Committee on Foreign Affairs; John Wohlstetter, Trustee of the Harbour League and author of Sleepwalking with the Bomb; Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Senior Fellow and Director of External Communications for the Center for Advanced Defense Studies. London Center for Policy Research President and Harbour League Trustee Herb London will moderate the discussion.

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