American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting 2012

San Diego, California
Past Event July 20, 2012 - July 23, 2012
CSC Fellows Paul Nelson and Walter Bradley, BioLogic Institute Senior Scientist Ann Gauger, and CSC Research Coordinator Casey Luskin will be presenting at this year's American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Conference in San Diego. They will each be presenting papers as part of a symposium on Information, Genetics, and the Origin of Life. Dr. Nelson will present a paper explaining how new findings in genomics are breaking down the "tree of life." Dr. Gauger will present a paper reporting experiments on enzymes which show how difficult it is for an enzyme to evolve a novel structure and function. Luskin will present a paper defining biological information, and recapping how recent ID research papers are converging on a consensus that unguided Darwinian mechanisms cannot produce new complex biological features. Dr. Bradley will be speaking on Science, Faith, Engineering and Appropriate Technologies.

When: Friday-Monday, July 20-23, 2012
Where: Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA
Cost: $260 (not including lodging)

The conference is open to the public and registration is required. For more information and to register click here.