9th Annual Insiders Briefing on Intelligent Design

Annual Event for CSC Discovery Society Members
Past Event August 9, 2013 - August 10, 2013

Discovery Society Members are invited to attend the Discovery Society's Ninth Annual Insiders Briefing on Intelligent Design - the nation's foremost gathering of intelligent design scientists, scholars and supporters.

What could be more exciting than spending the weekend with best-selling authors George Gilder and Stephen C. Meyer, along with acclaimed author and national talk radio host Michael Medved? Include the opening dinner in the elegant surroundings of a Seattle landmark and the daytime conference venue with stunning views from atop a historic Seattle building, and you have the makings of an event that will be hard to miss. The 9th Annual Discovery Society Insiders Briefing will be a time to engage on a personal level with speakers, staff, and donors who are key to the success of the ID movement. Plan now to join us on August 9th and 10th!


Michael and Diane Medved, will conduct a traditional Sabbath blessing during the opening dinner. After dinner, CSC Director Stephen C. Meyer will interview bestselling author George Gilder (whose new book Knowledge and Power will be released this summer) on the impact of intelligent design on his thinking about the new information economy

On Saturday, participants will hear from Douglas Axe about new scientific research being done by the Biologic Institute, from Paul Nelson and Ann Gauger on the science behind Illustra Media’s new documentary Flight: The Genius of Birds, and from Michael and Diane Medved about the cultural impact of materialism. In addition, throughout the day there will be updates and previews of coming attractions and upcoming video productions, and much more.

The weekend will culminate with a lecture and book party featuring Center Director Dr. Stephen Meyer. In his forthcoming book, Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design, Dr. Meyer showcases cutting-edge scientific developments that will dominate the debate over Darwinism and intelligent design for years to come.

Throughout the 2-day event participants will be updated on our accomplishments in 2012-2013 and our strategic plans for 2013-14. Stephen C. Meyer, Director of the Center for Science and Culture, and other CSC fellows and staff are eager to share about the many ways our work is making a difference in the U.S. and internationally.

As in the past, this event will be held at various venues in downtown Seattle, where participants will also be able to enjoy a host of summer activities in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in America.

A brochure with details of the conference and lodging information has been mailed to those who are members of the CSC Discovery Society.


The Discovery Society Insiders Briefing is open only to Society members and immediate family, or special guests of Society Members. Early bird registration is $350 per person prior to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17th. Conference registration after July 17th is $400. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged.

Online Registration is now closed. If you are registered and have questions about the event or your registration, contact Donna Scott at 206-292-0401 x128 or by email at djscott@discovery.org.