What is Intelligent Design?

Casey Luskin at Capitol Hill Theology Pub event
Past Event November 15, 2011
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 7:30 PM
Piecora's New York Pizza & Pizza Restaurant
1401 E Madison St, Seattle, WA

How do we define intelligent design (ID)? Is it a purely negative argument against evolution that appeals to the supernatural, or is it a positive argument that follows the scientific method when making its claims?

In his talk Casey will argue that it is the latter, and that ID is a bona fide scientific theory which makes testable predictions that are being confirmed by the scientific evidence. ID theory is grounded in a growing research program, and that research is being published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, showing that intelligence is required to produce many complex biological features. ID is not your grandmother's creationism (no offense to grandma), but if you think it is, come with an open mind and you might find ID is a budding scientific theory that has much to contribute to science.

Question/answer period to follow, with table discussions to finish out the evening.

Space in the Back Room of Piecora's is limited. For more information and to join in the event go to The Capitol Hill Theology Pub site.