The Gift of Rest

A Book Party Featuring Senior Fellow David Klinghoffer
Past Event November 17, 2011
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In our time-starved culture, we race through our hectic days, desperately wishing for more time with family, friends, and ourselves, as the hands on the clock whir around the hours at ever-increasing speed. But the truth is, our bodies and souls were created to rest - regularly - and when they do, we experience heightened productivity, improved health, and more meaningful relationships.

That is the message conveyed in a new book, The Gift of Rest, co-authored by Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Klinghoffer and Sen. Joseph Lieberman. Mr. Klinghoffer will discuss the book at noon on November 17th, and we invite your participation.

The event will be held at Discovery Institute, located at 208 Columbia Street in downtown Seattle on Thursday, November 17, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Though we cannot validate, parking is available in the Millennium Tower Garage (719 2nd Avenue - entrance on Columbia). Our location is also metro accessible.

An assortment of sandwiches, chips and drinks will be provided for those who pre-registered - suggested donation is $10.

To reserve your space and lunch, please do so using the online RSVP form or by contacting me at 206-292-0401 x102, or by email at