the Age of Choice

Featuring Discovery Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith
Past Event October 19, 2011
Death is part of the natural cycle of life, and dying is often associated with suffering, desperate and costly medical procedures, families in anguish, and very personal views. What are the ethical, emotional and financial considerations? When is living comfortably or ending suffering better than trying to live or extend life? When you’re not in control of choices that are made leading up to and after your death, who takes control? Should it be up to laws, your physician, or family members? What can you do to prepare for the final stage of your life or the life of your loved one?

Presented by the Santa Barbara Museum for Natural History and the Santa Barbara Foundation. Click here for more information.

Stan Roden, Mediation-Arbitration Specialist
Faye Girsh, ED, Senior Advisor for Final Exit Network
Richard Hecht, PhD, Capps Center, UCSB
Wesley Smith, JD, Lawyer and Author of “Forced Exit”
Eric Trautwein, MD, Internal Medicine & Palliative Care
H.E. (Ted) Frech III, PhD, Economist, UCSB