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May 31, 2006 - June 1, 2006
Future Trends in Energy, Technology and Transportation

Part of Cascadia's TransTech Forum Series

Post-Conference Wrap-Up

Co-sponsored with Microsoft, the Cascadia Center's "Future Trends in Energy, Technology & Transportation" conference last week was a big success, attracting more than 300 people total for both days.

May 31 featured a half-day of four concurrent workshops on various transportation topics, including special needs, high speed rail, West Coast Corridor ITS, and traffic light synchronization. On June 1, three members of congress, Reps. Dave Reichert and Adam Smith and Sen. Maria Cantwell, covered port security and interoperability of emergency communications, as well as energy independence. Former CIA directior James Woolsey wowed the afternoon audience with a remarkable tutorial on our nation's struggle to move from foreign oil dependence to domestic power production. He then engaged in a spirited discussion with a panel of interests ranging from conservation to biofuel to nuclear energy.

Speaking of media coverage, be sure to read the June 2 Seattle Times piece by Kristi Heim, titled "Energy, transportation talk of tech conference." Also, KCPQ-FOX TV, KING TV, KUOW, and MSNBC covered the event.

Also, TVW will be airing the June 1 portion of the conference in stages. See below for a schedule. Also, once the event initially airs, it will be available online at TVW's website ( in streaming video. From the homepage, just click on the "Archived Video and Audio" tab, then the "General" events for 2006 to find the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute.

TVW Schedule

Morning Session (Part I)
  • Welcoming Remarks

  • Maritime Security and Real World Implications
    Transportation, Urban Design, Telecommunications & Sustainability

  • Existing and Future Technology

  • Click here to view TVW's streaming video.

    Morning Session (Part II)
  • Port/Border Security, Freight Mobility & Emergency Communications for Disasters and Terrorist Attacks

  • With Rep. Reichert and response panel and Sen. Cantwell

  • Click here to view TVW's streaming video.

    Luncheon Session (Part III)
  • Includes continuation of Rechert response panel

  • Click here to view TVW's streaming video.

    Afternoon Session (Part IV)
  • Energy-Saving Cars, Trucks and Buses

  • Plug-In Hybrid Partnership

  • Prescriptions for U.S. Energy Policy

  • Click here to view TVW's streaming video..

    Continued Afternoon Session (Part V)
  • Includes Technical Solutions in the Nation and Region

  • TVW streaming video coming soon.

    Powerpoint Presentations

    May 31
  • Jeff Loftus, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Office of Research & Analysis (Workshop A)

  • Len Newstrum (Workshop D)

  • Michael Onder, Freight Operations and Technology, U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Office of Freight Management (Workshop A)

  • George Schoener, I-95 Coalition (Workshop A)

  • Brad Swartzwelter, Author, Faster Than Jets (Workshop D)

  • Urban MAGLEV System HSST System(Workshop D)

  • June 1
  • Brian Brook, Sound Transit: SmartCard Update

  • Dr. Andrew Frank, University of California, Davis: Electric Plug-In Hybrids

  • Ed Furia, AFS Trinity Power Corporation: Electric Plug-In Hybrids
  • (Also see Furia's secondary presentation on oil consumption, not shown during the conference)
  • K.C. Golden, Climate Solutions: federal energy policy

  • Conference Materials

  • Conference Booklet for June 1

  • Order Form for Tolling Video

  • Coming Soon

  • Special Needs Transportation Materials

  • Coming Soon

  • HSST Brochure (May 31 Workshop D)

  • Rotum Brochure (May 31 Workshop D)

  • WA State Rep. Jenea Holmquist's handout on renewable energy standards

  • Conference Photos
    Coming Soon

    Cascadia has an ongoing commitment to explore the issues covered in this annual conference, and looks forward to putting on another informative event with Microsoft next year. If you have suggestions for our 2007 conference, please send your comments and input to Bruce Agnew at .

    Click here for an updated May 31 workshop agenda. Click here for an updated June 1 conference agenda.

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