The Lewis Legacy-Issue 86, Autumn 2000
  1. Portrait of C. S. Lewis
  2. Notes by Kathryn Lindskoog
  3. Notes from the Dorothy Sayers Essay "Oedipus Simplx: Freedom and Fate in Folklore and Fiction"
  4. Perry Bramlett's Lists
  5. C. S. Lewis's Anti-Anti-Semitism in The Great Divorce
  6. Book Review of Assault on Mars
  7. A Book of Gifts: Book Review of The Quilted Grapevine
  8. Personal Reflections
  9. Douglas Gresham Video
  10. From the Mailbag
  11. A New Discovery: C. S. Lewis Praises Adam
  12. How Meilaender Counts
  13. Two of Three Lewis Poems in New Book are Altered
  14. All or Nothing
  15. Alternative Lists
  16. United Media
  17. C. S. Lewis: Quick to Call a Fake a Fake