The Lewis Legacy-Issue 85, Summer 2000
  1. Lewis's Helpful Hooker?
  2. In the Footsteps of Ashbless
  3. Note
  4. Note about Louis MacNeice from James O'Fee
  5. Editor's Note
  6. Words to the Wise
  7. Sex, Love and Marriage
  8. God's Day in Court: All Our Claims
  9. Chronology of C. S. Lewis's Use of the Word Vermin
  10. C. S. Lewis and the Theology of Elfland
  11. In the Footsteps of Bourbaki
  12. In the Footsteps of Dilbert
  13. In the Footsteps of Anon
  14. Land of The Rising Sun: Japan and C. S. Lewis
  15. A Different Mythlore
  16. Missing the Target: "The Furhrer and the Oxford Don"
  17. Easter-Tree
  18. Special Underclothes: Were the Scrubbs Mormons?
  19. From the Mailbag
  20. News and Views
  21. Stop and Shop
  22. Notes and Quotes