Reflections on C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength
  1. C. S. Lewis Memories of Donald Caird, Honorary Archbishop of Dublin
  2. Giant New C. S. Lewis Anthology
  3. From the Mailbag
  4. Laurence Harwood at the Harvard Club
  5. In the Footsteps of Giono
  6. In the Footsteps of Leonowen
  7. New Internet Hoaxes
  8. Tolkien: A Celebration
  9. The Wardrobe Wars and the Thirsks
  10. Publisher's Note in Ireland
  11. A New Theory about the Origin of The Dark Tower
  12. C. S. Lewis and the Master of University College
  13. Guarding C. S. Lewis's Stature: The Measure of the Man
  14. Lewis and Ireland: Two New Books
  15. The Birth of Lewis's Idea for The Screwtape Letters
  16. The Dark Tower: A Challenge to Lewis Scholars
  17. Mixed Quotations
  18. Lawlor and Lewis: Memories and Reflections
  19. C. S. Lewis Translated
  20. Lawlor and Lindskoog: Memories and Reflections?
  21. A New Wade Center in 2000
  22. Dungeon Gates
  23. Shipbuilding in 2000