The Lewis Legacy-Issue 83, Winter 2000
  1. The Carnegie Medal
  2. Technology's "Deep Magic"
  3. Ministering Angels
  4. Hooper's Family Heritage: North Carolina History
  5. The Wisdom of Puddleglum: From George MacDonald?
  6. Sister Penelope, Author
  7. Hours of Golden Reading: Missionary Memories
  8. Investing in Lewis: Admiration Inflation?
  9. Sensucht: Sonnet XC
  10. From the Mailbag
  11. Source of Lewis's Narnia?
  12. Yesterday in Oxford Today
  13. What Did C. S. Lewis Say about Botticelli?
  14. How I Made my Primavera Discovery
  15. An Open Letter to Patricia Batstone
  16. Narnia Performance
  17. News and Views
  18. Stop and Shop
  19. Notes and Quotes
  20. C. S. Lewis: Not on "Their Side"
  21. C. S. Lewis: Not on Our Side Exposed as a Heretic and Occultist
  22. C. S. Lewis's Divine Comedy
  23. Spring in Purgatory
  24. Maybe "Modern Man..." Is More Modern Than Many Have Mused
  25. C. S. Lewis as Godfather: Laurence Harwood Speaks
  26. Idealized Lewis Portrait
  27. Cataloguing the Past: Mist That History Missed?