The Lewis Legacy-Issue 82, Autumn 1999
  1. From the Mailbag
  2. In the Footsteps of Glass
  3. In the Footsteps of Rigoberta
  4. Typical E-mail Hoax about a Telephone Scam
  5. In the Footsteps of
  6. News and Views
  7. Stop and Shop
  8. Books by Legacy Readers
  9. Notes and Quotes
  10. C. S. Lewis and Dante's Paradise
  11. Controlling the Lewis Legacy
  12. Book Finds by Perry Bramlett
  13. The Fate of Peter Rabbit
  14. Lamb's Players Theatre: Till we Have Faces Drama
  15. Update on the C. S. Lewis Fundraising Foundation
  16. The Morphing of Macphee
  17. The Kilns Today
  18. The Dating of Macphee
  19. Kirkpatrick and MacPhee
  20. Lewis and J. W. Dunne
  21. Lewis's "Irish Enthusiasm"
  22. MacPhee the Ulsterman
  23. C. S. Lewis: The Roads
  24. Scrabo the Ulsterman
  25. Hooperian Persiflage?
  26. Merelewis World Wide
  27. Mysterious Modern Man
  28. "Anguish Over Unpaid Bills" What Would Lewis Think?