The Lewis Legacy-Issue 80, Spring 1999
  1. Unveiling the Memorial Plaque at C. S. Lewis's Birthplace
  2. Small Losses (Griefs Not Observed)
  3. Is the London Telegraph Down on C. S. Lewis?
  4. Don't Let Your Children Go to Narnia
  5. Misremembering Jonestown
  6. The Influence of C. S. Lewis:
  7. From the Mailbag
  8. Mike Perry's Reply to a Message on Internet
  9. The Time Travellers, The Dark Tower, and Ink
  10. An Odd New Disclaimer: What Does it Mean?
  11. 1965 Prophecy Fulfilled
  12. The Delight of E-mail from Around the World
  13. K. Lindskoog: You Have Mail, A true Christmas story
  14. New Light on Dark Tower, Wrong country; wrong decade
  15. From a Humble Admirer
  16. "Narnia Born Again"