The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998
  1. A New 1998 Screwtape Letter
  2. A Voyage to Arcturus, C. S. Lewis, and The Dark Tower
  3. Anachronistic Slang in The Dark Tower
  4. C. S. Lewis and Contemporary Culture
  5. Notes and Quotes
  6. John West's Web Pages
  7. Stop and Shop
  8. News and Views
  9. C. S. Lewis's Last Will and Testament
  10. In the High Court of Justice
  11. Thanksgiving: A Scientist's Psalm
  12. "Very Controversial Walter Hooper" "Firmly But Charitably Put in His Place"
  13. The Secret History of C. S. Lewis's "Interesting Relics"
  14. What is the Truth?
  15. Walter Hooper's Famous Chapel Hill Collection
  16. More about the Will
  17. C. S. Lewis and Dante's Paradise
  18. From the Mailbag
  19. Jack, my Mentor, my Friend
  20. Walter Hooper, Dealer in Lewis Relics?
  21. Another Lost Manuscript?
  22. Gresham's Novel Theory about The Dark Tower
  23. Gresham's Salty Tongue
  24. American Spectator Report
  25. 25 Most Influential Religious Leaders
  26. A Disclaimer to Disclaim
  27. Gresham's Christianity
  28. Gresham's Values
  29. Weary of the Lewis Cult
  30. Just for Fun
  31. Update on Timothy Stoen, C. S. Lewis Foundation Lawyer
  32. "C. S. Lewis: An Examined Life"
  33. The Price of Oxbridge
  34. The Coming Lewis Letters
  35. C. S. Lewis: The College
  36. Lewis in Two New Shows