The Lewis Legacy-Issue 77, Summer 1998
  1. From the Mailbag
  2. In the Footsteps of Boyd
  3. In the Footsteps of Mickelson
  4. In the Footsteps of Van Eldik
  5. In the Footsteps of Yates
  6. Dante's Divine Comedy
  7. News and Views
  8. Notes and Quotes
  9. Lindskoog/Ward Correspondence about the "Bird" Poem in April 1997
  10. Another Lewis Poem Carved in Stone
  11. The Wonders of E-mail: It's a Small World
  12. A Brief Excerpt From a Long Letter: C. S. Lewis to Warren, 5 November 1939
  13. The Other Mrs Moore
  14. Abolition of an Error
  15. On a Shadowy Trail
  16. The C. S. Lewis Encyclopedia
  17. Ulster Centennial Booklet
  18. Touring C. S. Lewis-Land
  19. The Brilliant Dark Tower
  20. Out of the Silent Planet
  21. Not an Accurate Lion
  22. How Far Does Lewis Lore Change Over Time?
  23. How Myths Get Started
  24. Facts, Factoids, or Fictions
  25. Finding the Lanlord's Error, Thanks to David Baumann