The Lewis Legacy-Issue 76, Spring 1998
  1. Devilish Advice
  2. Memorable Discovery in a Used Book Store
  3. Coming Soon: The C.S. Lewis Readers' Encyclopedia
  4. C. S. Lewis Notecards
  5. The C. S. Lewis Business: An Investor's Dream
  6. How C. S. Lewis Defends The Dark Tower
  7. Kilnswatch: Early History of the Kilns Property
  8. Kilnswatch: Later History of the Kilns Property
  9. The Kind of Business that Is Nobody's Business
  10. Back to the Future: This Is Called Restoration
  11. The Power of a Pious Myth: Milking the Kilns Cash Cow
  12. Creative Imperialism and Copyright Law
  13. C. S. Lewis Journal: Delight or Debacle?
  14. Charles Wrong on Oxford Academics in Lewis's Day
  15. In the Footsteps of Cusack
  16. Loring Ellis's Dream Come True
  17. The Power Of Imaginative Writing
  18. In the Footsteps of Judge Ware
  19. March Letter from Sculptor Ross Wilson about Belfast's 1998 C. S. Lewis Statue
  20. May Announcement from James O'Fee about the UK's 1998 Narnia Stamp
  21. C. S. Lewis's Buried Gold: "Break, Sun, My Crusted Earth"
  22. Book Review: Dante's Divine Comedy, Inferno Retold
  23. News and Views
  24. Stop and Shop
  25. Notes and Quotes
  26. Letter from Barbara Linville
  27. From the Mailbag
  28. Walter Hooper's "Diabolical Ventriloquism"
  29. Lewis Legacy Readers Who Contributed To The C. S. Lewis Readers' Encyclopedia
  30. In the Footsteps of Selbourne