The Lewis Legacy-Issue 75, Winter 1998
  1. A Report on the C. S. Lewis Foundation "Live the Legacy" Celebration
  2. C. S. Lewis: A Centenary Celebration
  3. Carved in Stone: What the Bird Did Not Say Early in the Year
  4. Remembering A. L. Rowse Remembering C. S. Lewis
  5. The End of an Era: Owen Barfield Dead at 99
  6. Change in 1997 Edition of Sayer Biography Jack
  7. Stop and Shop
  8. News and Views
  9. Death of Lionel A. Luckhoo, Jones Massacre Survivor
  10. Death of Lewis Nemesis, Oxford Scholar A. L. Rowse
  11. Awkward Stairway Appears, Disappears, Now Reappears?
  12. Anonymous Musings about Funny Kilns Finances
  13. On-the-Scene Kilns Report: The Fall 1997 Exterior
  14. "Jack's Business" Gresham's Latest Report
  15. Lewis Estate Business and Media Mogul Murdoch
  16. Lewis Foundation Business: Mattson's Latest Report
  17. Doing Business in Ireland: Shades of Scrapo Easley
  18. Another Smoking Gun; No July 1963 Oral Contract
  19. Irish Centenary Group; From Idea to Reality
  20. C. S. Lewis and the Titanic
  21. The C. S. Lewis Legacy for the 21st Century