The Lewis Legacy-Issue 73, Summer 1997
  1. Response to Nancy Cole's Report on The Dark Tower
  2. In The Footsteps Of Sir Cyril Burt And Bruno Bettleheim
  3. More on C. S. Lewis's Favorite Bad Writer
  4. Was Gervase Mathew Really In The Inklings In 1939? by E. Shyaty
  5. "Early Prose Joy" Not Available In The Bodleian
  6. Two Talkers: C. S. Lewis's Final Version Of "Prayer"
  7. "Christian Reunion" Now Available In The Bodleian
  8. Other Articles
  9. Letter to M.J. Lodgson about Nancy Cole's Report
  10. Open Letter to Nancy Cole
  11. The People Behind The Nancy Cole Essay: A Secret Chronology