In the High Court of Justice
The Principal Registry of the Family Division
of The Walhatch Hotel Forest Row East Sussex
died on the 14th day of December 1997
domiciled in England and Wales

AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that the last Will and Testament with a Codicil of the said deceased (a copy of which is annexed) was proved and registered in the High Court of Justice and that Administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased was granted by the said Court on this date to the Executors

ALEXANDER BARFIELD of 32 Cleaver Street London SE11 4DP
and OWEN ALEXANDER BARFIELD of Flat 14 1 Oswin Street London SE11 4TF

It is hereby certified that it appears from information supplied on the application for this grant that the gross value of the said estate in the United Kingdom amounts to £ 143,037 and the net value of such estate amounts to £ 141,011

Dated the 8th day of April 1998
Probate Officer

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me ARTHUR OWEN BARFIELD of the Welhatch Forest Row East Sussex RH18 5AW which I make this sixteenth day of July One thousand nine hundred and ninety four

1. I REVOKE all former Wills and testamentary dispositions

2. I WISH my body to be cremated and the funeral service to be conducted by a priest of the Christian Community in Great Britain and the ashes to be dealt with as the said priest shall direct

3. I APPOINT my adopted son ALEXANDER BARFIELD of 32 Cleaver Street London SE11 4DP Solicitor (Retired) and my foster son JEFFREY BERNARD BARFIELD of 40 Abbotsfield Hever Court Estate Gravesend Kent DA12 5JA (hereinafter together called 'my Trustees' which expression shall where the context so admits include the executor and executors and trustee and trustees hereof for the time being) to be the Executors and Trustees of this my Will and I GIVE to each of them the said Alexander Barfield and/or Jeffrey Bernard Barfield in consideration of his proving my Will and acting in the trusts therefof a legacy of Three hundred and seventy five pounds in addition to any other direct or indirect benefit he may take hereunder or under any codicil hereto

4. I GIVE the following legacies:

(a) To the said ALEXANDER BARFIELD my Globe-Wernicke bookcase.

(b) To MARGARITA de BARFIELD (the wife of the said Alexander Barfield) my glass fronted corner cupboard

(c) To my foster son the said JEFFREY BERNARD BARFIELD my Steel filing cabinet and any motor car owned by me at the date of my death

(d) To SUSAN JOSEPHINE SPENCE the gold ring given to me by her father which I frequently wear the framed print of Hypnos and the plaster bust of Hermes

(e) To my Grandson OWEN ALEXANDER BARFIELD my box of red and white chessmen (being the chessmen and their box) and the rigid wooden chessboard

5. I GIVE the following pecuniary legacies:

(a) To each of them my adopted daughter LUCY JANE RAKE if she shall survive me and to my said grandson OWEN ALEXANDER BARFIELD the sum of One thousand five hundred pounds and I DIRECT that if either of them shall so request my Trustees shall appropriate in satisfaction (part or full) of such legacy any of my personal effects valued for probate up to the value of such Legacy as the legatee shall choose which are not hereby or by any Codicil hereto otherwise effectively disposed of provided that in the event of any conflict in the choice made by such legatees my Trustees shall resolve such conflict in such manner as they shall in their absolute discretion decide

(b) To Mrs MOIRA REDDICK of 21 Glebe Place Horton Kirby Dartford Kent in grateful acknowledgement of her many kindnesses to myself and my wife Seven hundred and fifty pounds

(c) To JOHN M CURZON of 13/15 Hight Street Barnet Hertfordshire in gratitude for the untiring assistance he has rendered in connection with the business affairs of my said adopted daughter Lucy Jane Rake Three hundred and seventy five pounds

6. I BEQUEATH to the REVEREND WALTER McGEHEE HOOPER of 30 St Bernard's Road Oxford DR. SHIRLEY SUGERMAN ROSENBERG of 99 Whittredge Road Summit New Jersey 07901 DR GEORG B. TENNYSON of 4963 Densmore Avenue Encino California and DR. THOMAS KRANIDAS of 5 Silver Spruce Lane Stoney Brook New York all (other than the Oxford address) in the United States of America (hereinafter together with any successors duly appointed by them called 'my Literary Executors')

(i) The copyright in all my writings whether published or unpublished and in any other writings the copyright wherein may belong to me

(ii) All manuscripts and copy manuscripts whether hand written or typed and whether or not composed and/or written by me including (but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing) notes and notebooks not composed with a view to publication copy letters from me to other persons and letters to me from other persons

(iii) All books of every description belonging to me including periodicals and of prints from periodicals Upon the following TRUSTS that is to say:

7. (i) My literary Executors shall dispose of any specific items as to which my wishes have been made known to them before my death as far as possible in accordance with such wishes

(ii) Subject thereto they shall hold the said copyrights upon trusts as to any unpublished material to publish and as to any published material to re-publish the same on such terms as they shall think fit

(iii) Subject as provided below they shall pay to my Trustees from time to time the net income received whether by way of Royalties or otherwise in respect of or arising out of anything published whether before or after my death and the same shall form part of my residuary estate

(iv) Subject as above my Literary executors shall sell the books referred to in Clause 6 (iii) above as soon as is convenient after my death and the manuscripts and other writings referred to in Clause 6 (ii) above either then or at such later time as they shall think fit and (subject as provided below) shall pay the net proceeds of sale to my Trustees as part of my estate AND I DECLARE to remove all doubts that the direction to sell contained in this sub-clause shall not be construed as restricting or limiting in any way the general direction concerning disposal of books and manuscripts declared in Clause 8 below and in particular that no beneficiary direct or indirect under my Residuary Estate shall be entitled to obstruct or dispute in whole or in part any such disposal effected by my Literary Executors in reliance on the said general direction

(v) In addition to any expenses incurred in and about the administration of these trusts my Literary Executors shall be entitled in respect of any writing of mine published posthumously to pay any person (including one or more of themselves) a suitable editorial fee for work done in introducing indexing annotating and/or otherwise in preparing the said writing for publication and seeing it through the press

(vi) Furthermore my Literary Executors are hereby empowered to delegate any decision and/or any acts (including signature of documents) whether for a particular purpose or for a specified period to one of their number with effect that his or her acts shall be deemed to have been the acts of all of them And if the nature and/or value of such acts renders it appropriate they may remunerate the said delegate for his services at their discretion.

8. THE TRUSTS hereby imposed on my Literary Executors shall continue in force for so long as the copyright in any work of mine remains unexpired PROVIDED that if at any time my Literary Executors shall deem that no good purpose is served by continuing the said trusts (whether by reason of the small amounts involved or for any other sufficient reason) they may assign any or all of the said copyrights to the said ALEXANDER BARFIELD or to some other suitable person selected by them (including one of themselves) leaving him or her to receive and distribute future Royalties among my residuary legatees and thereupon the said trusts shall cease and determine and my Literary Executors shall be discharged from all further obligation AND I DECLARE that my Literary Executors shall at all times without being liable to account use their sole and unfettered discretion as to whether any manuscript typescript or other writing shall be published or attempted to be published or destroyed or deposited under seal or not in a public library or reputable Collection

9. I GIVE devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever situate and whether in possession reversion or remainder to my Trustees UPON TRUST to sell call in and convert into money such parts thereof as do not consist of money with power in their discretion to postpone sale and (subject as hereinafter provided) to hold the proceeds of sale and conversion and any ready moneys UPON TRUST after paying thereout my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses as One Third part for the said ALEXANDER BARFIELD absolutely as to One Third part thereof for the said JEFFREY BERNARD BARFIELD absolutely and as to One Third part thereof for the Trustees of a Settlement dated the Nineteenth day of April One thousand nine hundred and seventy three and made between myself of the one part and the said JOHN M. CURZON and RALPH LLEWELYN TWENTYMAN of the other part Provided that if the said Lucy Jane Rake shall die before the said Alexander Barfield and Jeffrey Bernard Barfield my Trustees shall hold my residuary estate as to both capital and income for the said Alexander Barfield and Jeffrey Bernard Barfield in equal shares absolutely

10. I FURTHER DECLARE that in the distribution of my Residuary Estate the said Jeffrey Bernard Barfield shall bring into hotchpot and account for such a sum (if any) as shall equal the amount which represents the same proportion of the sum (if any) included in the calculation of any Inheritance Tax (or other financial imposition replacing the same) payable on my death as part of my previous lifetime cumulative total of chargable transfers and representing the one third part of the proceeds of sale of Orchard View South Darenth Kent in which I have release my life interest under the Will of my wife Matilda Christian Barfield dated 7th May 1973 as the total of such tax payable on my death in respect of all property then subject to such tax (whether part of my estate or aggregable therewith) bears to the whole of such property (including the said sum representing the said one third part of the proceeds of Orchard View if the same is then aggregable)

11. IF THE said ALEXANDER BARFIELD shall die before me or within six months of my death his wife the said MARGARITA de BARFIELD shall take the share of my Residuary Estate which he would have taken had he survived so long.

12. TO THE extent to which such direction may be lawful I DIRECT that no bond or other security be required in any jurisdiction of any Executor Literary Executor or Trustee under this my last Will and Testament for the faithful performance of his or her duties as such Executor and/or Trustee whether he or she is specifically named as such in Clause 3 or 6 hereof or (ii) appointed in accordance with the law governing the appointment of new or additional trustees or (iii) appointed in any contingency by a Court of competant jurisdiction

13. ANY TRUSTEE being a Solicitor or other person engaged in any profession or business may be so employed or act and shall be entitled to charge for any business or act done by him or his firm in connection with the trusts hereof including acts which a trustee could have done personally

In WITNESS whereof I have to this and the four preceeding pages hereunto set my had the day and year first above written.

Arthur Owen Barfield

SIGNED by the above-named ARTHUR OWEN BARFIELD as his last Will in our presence and attested by us in his presence and in the presence of each other.

Ann Duncan
Field End
Hammerwood Road
Ashwest Wood W Sussex
RH19 3SA

Mendy-Joyce Grayson
1, Stonepark Drive
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5DG
Assistant Cook

I ARTHUR OWEN BARFIELD of the Walhatch Forest Row East Sussex RH18 5AW DECLARE this to be the First Codicil to my Will dated the Sixteenth day of July One thousand nine hundred and ninety four ('my will')

1. By my Will I appointed my foster son Jeffrey Bernard Barfield to be an Executor and Trustee of my Will

2. I REVOKE the appointment of the said Jeffrey Bernard Barfield

3. I APPOINT my Grandson Owen Alexander Barfield now of Flat 14 at 1 Oswin Street London SE11 4TF to be an Executor and Trustee of my Will in place of the said Jeffrey Bernard Barfield

4. In all other respects I confirm my Will

IN WITNESS whereof I have set my hand this 24th day of June One Thousand nine hundred and ninety six

Arthur Owen Barfield

SIGNED by the said ARTHUR OWEN BARFIELD as a First Codicil to his Will dated 16th July 1994 in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

Ann Duncan
Field End
Hammerwood Road
Ashwest Wood
W. Sussex
RH19 3SA

Peter Kennand
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5AW
Hotel Proprietor