"In Defense of C.S. Lewis: A rebuttal of recent denunciations of the classic Chronicles of Narnia as racist, misogynist, 'poisonous' works." By Gregg Easterbrook, The Atlantic Monthly, October 2001.

"They're turning Narnia into a British version of Mickey Mouse," said John G. West, co-editor of The C. S. Lewis Readers Encyclopedia and an associate professor of political science at Seattle Pacific University. --New York Times, Sunday, June 3, pg. 1.

Articles about C.S. Lewis
Includes articles from John West and other authors, the C.S. Lewis Centennial Conference Papers, and the C.S. Lewis and Public Life Book.





C.S. Lewis Writings in the Public Domain
The full text of Spirits in Bondage, letters from Lewis, his will, a list of the ten books that influenced him most, and more.

The Lewis Legacy Online
A quarterly journal edited by Kathryn Lindskoog that explores the multi-faceted legacy of C.S. Lewis.