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Remaining factual errors to be corrected in biology textbooks, as of April 2004

Background Information
Questions and Answers about the 2003 Texas state review of biology textbooks
Questions and Answers about Discovery Institute
Questions and Answers about Intelligent Design

News Releases
Textbook reformers see last-minute victory in Texas decision
Board adopts textbooks after education agency head pledges to address remaining factual errors

Publishers correct some factual errors, but now textbooks contradict each other

Backgrounder and summary of publisher's proposed revision to biology textbooks

60 Biologists Express Skepticism with Central Tenet of Darwin's Theory

Texas Professors Urge State Board to Fully and Completely Teach Evolution
Click here to open a PDF of the letter

Discovery Institute Endorses Texas Freedom Network's Call for Sound Science and Teaching Evolution

Texas Textbook Censors Misrepresent, Mislead and Miss the Point

Austin American Statesman Corrects Misleading Report about Discovery Institute

So goes Texas, so goes the nation: Decision on textbooks will affect classrooms nationwide

CNN Fabricates Texas Textbook Story

Articles & Responses
Dallas Morning News editorial: The Evolution of Textbooks: Students shouldn't be protected from dissent

A response to Texas education commissioner's recommendation: Final review of textbooks under consideration

Intelligent Design and Peer Review: A response to Eugenie Scott and the NCSE, William Dembski, Discovery Institute

How Should Schools Teach Evolution? Don't Forget Weaknesses in Theory, Bruce Chapman, Dallas Morning News

Textbook Debate: It's All About the Evidence, Stephen Meyer, Houston Chronicle

Darwinism Critics Have Viable View, by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith

Discovery Institute Supports Accurate Science, by Dr. John G. West

Columnist at Austin Chronicle Offers Poorly Designed Arguments, by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith

Dr. Jonathan Wells Response to Charge of Misquotation by David Hillis

Self-Organization and Irreducibly Complex Systems, by Dr. Michael Behe

Highlighted excertps from testimony delivered by Discovery Fellows to Texas SBOE 2003

Dr. Jonathan Wells, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Statement regarding the Texas State Board of Education hearings on biology textbooks in September 2003

Dr. Bill Dembski, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Statement regarding the Texas State Board of Education hearings on biology textbooks in September 2003

Review & Analysis of Textbooks
An Analysis of the Treatment of Homology in Biology Textbooks

An Analysis of the Treatment of the Scientific Controversy over Microevolution and Macroevolution in Biology Textbooks

A Preliminary Analysis of the Treatment of Evolution in Biology Textbooks

Zogby Poll
Views Of Texas Residents On Teaching Evolution: A Zogby
International Report

Complete cross tabulated poll results

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