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Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism (Textbook and Curriculum)

Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism (Hill House Publishers Ltd., Melbourne and London, 2007) is the first biology textbook to present the scientific evidence both for and against key aspects of Darwinian evolution. It promotes inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to participate in the process of discovery, deliberation, and argument that scientists use to form their theories. Co-authored by two state university biology professors, two philosophers of science, and a science curriculum writer, Explore Evolution was peer-reviewed by biology faculty at both state and private universities, teachers with experience in both AP and pre-AP life science courses, and doctoral scientists working for industry and government. The textbook has been pilot-tested in classes at both the secondary school and college levels. For more information, visit the textbook website at, where you will find the introduction to the textbook, its table of contents, author and publisher information, as well as sample pages from the book.

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Companion Curriculum Materials
If you are a qualified teacher or professor, you can receive the following companion materials free upon the purchase of 10 or more copies of the textbook:

    * PowerPoint slide shows keyed to the chapters in the textbook.
    * Test bank with test questions.
    * Sample lesson plans keyed to the chapters in the textbook.
    * DVD clips for use in class.

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