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Not all of the scientists and other scholars identified as Fellows receive funding from the Institute. A scientist or other scholar may be recognized as a Fellow simply because he or she does relevant work related to the research program of the Institute.

Through the Research Fellowship Program and other projects, the Center for Science and Culture supports scientists and other scholars who are willing to follow the evidence where it leads, even if it suggests intelligent design. There is no pre-set viewpoint or "doctrinal" commitment required for those seeking fellowships and Fellows need not identify with the stated objectives of the Discovery Institute.

Our goal is to support high quality scholarship, which is relevant to the question of evidence for intelligent design in nature. Non-technical work by some Fellows is available on this website.

The Research Fellowship Program

Currently we are not accepting new applications for additional fellowships, but when the fellowship program re-opens it will be announced on this page.

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture awards research fellowships for support of significant and original research in the natural sciences, the history and philosophy of science, cognitive science and related fields. By supporting scholarship relevant to intelligent design (ID), the Center seeks to encourage a rigorous critique of scientific and philosophical materialism and to promote non-reductionist study of the natural world. While there is no strict deadline for submissions for research fellowships, most fellowships normally are awarded in February and March for the following academic year. The Center awards two types of fellowships, which in exceptional cases may be awarded to graduate students:

Initial submitted proposals should include two copies of the following: 1. A curriculum vitae, including a list of publications

2. A 2 - 3 page description of your research project (1000 words or less)

3. A budget enumerating release time, travel, and research expenses

4. A letter of endorsement and allowance of release time from department faculty head or college administrator (if relevant)

5. A relevant published writing sample Proposals should be sent to: Research Director,, Discovery Institute, 208 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98104.

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