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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 71, Winter 1997
By: Kathryn Lindskoog
The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing
January 1, 1997

--David Clark will lead the annual Lewis seminar at Valyermo, CA on 14-18 July 1997. Topic: "The Redemption Story in the fiction of C. S. Lewis.-Information: (310) 532-9973.

--John West's article "C.S. Lewis and the Materialist Menace" is now available free in three forms: (1) a handsome printed copy from Discovery Institute. 1402 Third Avenue, Suite 400. Seattle, WA 98101, 206-292-0401 (2) E-mail discovery@discovery.org. (3) online http: / /www.discovery.org/lewismat.html. Highly recommended.

--Penthouse and Christianity: In its August 1995 issue, Penthouse journalist Sharon Churcher published an accurate article about the Lewis hoax. In December1996, journalist Rudy Maxa published an article in Penthouse about a terrible sex scandal in the Episcopal diocese of Long Island. In the 24 November issue of The Living Church, editor David Kalvelage vouches for Rudy Maxa's reliability, accuracy, and thoroughness, but warns that the content of the article is too sickening.

--Decade after decade. Forty years ago, in 1956, Kathryn Lindskoog completed her honors project on C. S. Lewis, won a summer scholarship to the University of London, and had tea with Lewis in Oxford. Twenty years ago, in 1976, she started serious investigation of the problems in Lewis affairs. Ten years ago, In 1986, she discovered that some of the posthumous Lewis literature is forged and began to write The C.S. Lewis Hoax.

--C. S. Lewis: Companion and Guide was apparently revised at the last minute; release was delayed for nine months, and the retail price shot up from the advertised $23 to $40.

--C.S. Lewis: Mere Christian in an updated edition is scheduled for April 1997 release by Cornerstone Books Chicago. Lindskoog's new Inferno is scheduled for April 1997 release from Mercer University Press.

--Bird and Baby a Web Page, focuses on current Mythopoeic Society"http://www.tc.umn.edu/nlhome/m391/dlena/BirdnBab.html