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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 75, Winter 1998
Lewis Foundation Business: Mattson's Latest Report
By: Kathryn Lindskoog
The C. S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing
January 1, 1998

3 December, 1997:

"All of us here at the C. S. Lewis Foundation believe our work is of the utmost strategic importance in the battle for the minds and hearts of this generation. And it appears we are not alone in thinking so as a growing number of you have joined with us, through your prayers and financial support, in sufficient measure to make it possible for us to move forward with increasing effectiveness.
"Within the last few months we have labored mightily to complete the restoration of the Kilns in time for the centennial dedication of the C. S. Lewis Study Centre next summer. We have just concluded a joyous 'black tie' celebration of our 10th Anniversary. We have seen the expansion and complete computer networking of our offices (with a fine new telephone system donated by Pro-Line, Inc.); and we have entered the world of cyberspace with our new web site at www.cslewis.org. Just recently, we have been joined by several needed new additions to our staff....

"There are several ways in which you can help, but first and foremost, we stand in genuine need of your sustaining support through regular monthly or quarterly giving. We require $16,000 per month to fully fund our operations. Almost $6,000 of this is pledged and another $5,000, on average, comes in each month, leaving us short about $5,000 per month. This is largely compensated for through deferred salaries, a very understanding landlord, and patient suppliers. In the interest of attaining greater fiscal integrity, operating efficiency and effectiveness, we earnestly desire to see our budget fully funded."

"In the interest of attaining greater fiscal integrity," we wonder, why does Mattson keep that budget secret? What and whose are the deferred salaries? Why doesn't Mattson belong to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability?