Motive Marketing and Discovery Institute Launch in Support of Freedom for Teachers and Students to Challenge Darwinism

Motive Marketing
Motive Marketing
February 7, 2008
Print Article(Los Angeles, CA) February 6, 2008 - Academic Freedom is under attack in America. Right now, state science standards are being twisted by Darwinian activists to dogmatically rule that only the evidence supporting Darwinism can be presented in science classes across the country, and teachers are being pressured to not teach students that there is scientific evidence that challenges Darwin’s theory. Scientists in state universities are losing their jobs for dissenting from Darwinism or researching intelligent design.

A new website,, has been launched to support the rights of teachers and students to learn all about evolution, and to protect the freedom of scientists to research alternative scientific theories such as intelligent design. Supporters of academic freedom can go to to sign the Academic Freedom Petition and stand up for science.

Free speech and academic freedom are cherished principles in America, they are too important to be sacrificed to the intolerant demands of extremists on any issue. A new film produced and marketed by Premise Media and Motive Marketing, respectively, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, starring actor, economist, and comedian Ben Stein will come to theaters this spring and further raise attention for the issue of academic freedom. In the movie, Stein is stunned by what he discovers – an elitist scientific establishment that has traded in its skepticism for dogma. Stein uncovers a long line of biologists, astronomers, chemists and philosophers who have had their reputations destroyed and their careers ruined by a scientific establishment that allows absolutely no dissent from Charles Darwin's theory of random mutation and natural selection. For more information about this film and to acquire free resources, visit:

“The freedom of scientists and educators to question Darwin’s theory of evolution is being stripped away by dogmatic Darwinian fundamentalists,” said Robert Crowther, director of communications for Discovery Institute the nation’s leading think tank researching intelligent design. “There is a growing and dangerous trend of recrimination for any educators or scientists who dare to dissent from Darwinism.”

  • High school teacher Roger DeHart was driven from his public school simply because he wanted his students to learn about both the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution.
  • Chemistry professor Dr. Nancy Bryson lost her job at a state university after she gave a lecture criticizing Darwin’s theory to a group of honors students.
  • Biology professor Dr. Caroline Crocker at George Mason University was banned from teaching her students about the theory of intelligent design.
  • Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg was harassed and demoted at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC because he allowed a peer-reviewed science paper advocating intelligent design to be published in a science journal he edited.
  • Biology professor P.Z. Myers at the University of Minnesota, for example, has called for "the public firing and humiliation of some teachers" because they question Darwin.
  • The Columbia Journalism Review published an article promoting the idea that critics of evolution and supporters of intelligent design not be allowed to express their views in America’s newspaper and magazines, and that reporters not include their side of the story.

“The persecution of scientists and teachers critical of evolution is nothing less than an attack on intellectual freedom,” says Dr. William Dembski, author of “Design of Life” and a leading intelligent design theorist who also appears in EXPELLED. “They’re claiming science teachers shouldn’t even be allowed to challenge Darwinian evolution on scientific grounds. That’s dogma, not science.”

Americans overwhelmingly support academic freedom for teachers and scientists. They also believe that when teachers present the evidence for Darwin's theory, they should also have the academic freedom to teach the scientific evidence against it. At they can publicly state this support for academic freedom.

The Academic Freedom Petition, is a joint project of Discovery Institute ( and Motive Marketing ( For more information, e-mail