The Soul of Science

Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy
Pearcey, Nancy R. and Thaxton, Charles B.
Crossway Books
July 1, 1994
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A metanarrative has become ingrained in our culture which states that science is the means by which we threw off our religious superstitions and entered a brave new world of reason and progress. Does this metanarrative itself need to be overthrown? In this work Discovery Institute Fellows Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton explain how Christian theism has played a vital role in the historical development of science. Moreover, the next scientific revolution may bring science back to a point where it will reconsider the possibility that life was designed.

First, Pearcey and Thaxton shed light on the fact that the �Dark ages� were not quite so dark. While the medieval scholars lacked much of our accumulated knowledge, medieval scientists like Jordanus de Nemore anticipated the work of subsequent scientists through his work on statics. When the scientific revolution swung into full force, early scientists like Newton were devoutly religious and motivated by religion. As one historian they quote put it, �God had designed the universe, and it was to be expected that all phenomena of nature would follow one master plan. One mind designing a universe would almost surely have employed one set of basic principles to govern related phenomena.� (pg. 129) Even today, they find that �the DNA code originated from a cause similar in relevant aspects to human intelligence.� (pg. 244)

The authors begin by observing that �the idea of a war between science and religion is a relatively recent invention�one carefully nurtured by those who hope the victor will be science.� (pg. 19) After reviewing all of the contributions which theists, the church, and Christianized societies have made to science, they conclude, �The Christian religion, hand in hand with various philosophical outlooks, has motivated, sanctioned, and shaped large portions of the Western scientific heritage.� (pg. 248)

The Soul Of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy

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