Ball State’s intelligent design controversy re-emerges

Russ Pulliam
The Indianapolis Star
March 21, 2014
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Ball State President Jo Ann Gora is being praised for a job well done as she prepares to wind up her leadership of the university, but she’ll need the wisdom of Solomon in handling the latest controversy over intelligent design vs. evolution.

Influential members of the General Assembly want to review the university’s policy on how to discuss origins of the universe.

Most scientists say that evidence overwhelmingly supports the theory of evolution, but a smaller group of scientists and philosophers see evidence of design as pertinent in a discussion of origins.

The issue at Ball State is whether that second viewpoint belongs in science classes.

Many advocates of evolution argue that intelligent design is as credible as a flat Earth theory and shouldn’t be included in any science-based course discussions. Others are more humble about the certainty that intelligent design is wrong and recommend tolerance in the debate.

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