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UC Irvine students decry evolution-only science, sponsor intelligent design talk
By: Lauren Shepherd
The College Fix
October 8, 2013

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Citing a lack of classroom discourse on intelligent design at the University of California Irvine – a highly regarded scientific research institution – a Christian student group recently brought in a scholar to discuss the merits of the controversial theory, which suggests an intelligence can be found in the blueprints of life.

“Intelligent design is a valid explanation that should be able to be freely taught on a scientific campus,” UC Irvine biomedical engineering major Daryl Arreza, 23, told The College Fix.

The pro-intelligent design scholar who spoke at UC Irvine on Wednesday at the behest of a Ratio Christi told the audience that – despite what they may have heard to the contrary in many of their science classes – scientifically vetted evidence does indeed support the theory that life on Earth had help evolving.


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