Review: Darwinism, Design, and Public Education

Ian Wishart
Investigate Magazine
April 12, 2004
Print ArticleFor nearly a decade now the intelligent design movement has been making serious inroads into the up-to-now generally accepted theory of evolution. Now, a number of US states have opted to teach biology students for the first time that, despite what they read in exam textbooks, scientists are by no means all agreed that the theory of evolution is valid.

This new book is an absolute groundbreaker, and essential reading for students and teachers alike. What Darwinism, Design, and Public Education does is canvas the scientific arguments from all sides, both pro-evolution and pro-intelligent design.

Editors Campbell and Meyer have achieved an admirable balance in terms of space for argument between the world’s leading scientific minds in the field, and by the end of the book there is nonetheless an overwhelming sense that the logic and evidence for intelligent design make a superior case. One thing you certainly couldn’t do, after reading this peer-reviewed work, is continue denying that any controversy exists. The book is a monster at 674 pages, but capable of being read and understood both by students and scientist alike. Donate one to your school library.