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ISCID Chat With Paul Nelson:
Ontogenetic Depth as a Complexity Metric for the Cambrian Explosion
By: Paul Nelson
February 6, 2003

ISCID Moderator:
Our guest speaker today is Paul Nelson. Dr. Nelson is a philosopher of biology, specializing in evo-devo and developmental biology. He is also a fellow of the International Society for Complexity, Information and Design. Dr. Nelson received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Department of Philosophy. His thesis critiques aspects of macroevolutionary theory in light of recent developments in embryology and developmental biology. Entitled "On Common Descent", it will be published as volume sixteen in the University of Chicago Department of Ecology and Evolution's "Evolutionary Monographs" series (and the first in this prestigious series to critique neo-Darwinism).

ISCID Moderator:
Dr. Nelson has written several articles on the philosophical aspects of evolutionary biology including one recently published in Biology and Philosophy. He edits the journal Origins & Design.

ISCID Moderator:
Everyone is encouraged to take a glance at the discussion paper that Dr. Nelson put together for the chat. It can be viewed at the following URL:

ISCID Moderator:
I am now going to hand the talk over to Dr. Nelson. Participants can start sending in questions.

Paul Nelson:
I apologize for not making the paper available sooner (I had hoped to have it up on the ISCID page by Feb 1, but family illnesses and other matters intervened).

Paul Nelson:
Sadly, I've earned a well-deserved reputation for being probably the pokiest design theorist on the planet. :-(

Paul Nelson:
Anyway -- I hope tonight's discussion sparks your thinking about how best to explain the origin of animals.

....this transcript is continued at ISCID's website.

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